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Grooming Services

We offer Full-service Grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. We also offer a variety of special services from a simple nail clipping, shampoo to “Show Style” grooming.

Our professional team will give your pet the best possible stay at our facility. The extra care your pet receives will be much appreciated and will help maintain their health and beauty. 


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The Process

We start with a consultation with your pet.  All new clients will receive a pet consultation.  This is a great way for the stylist to get acquainted with you and your dog.  During the consultation we will collect information on your dog’s health history and styling specifications.  We will keep this information on record and will update as needed for future reference to insure a hassle free experience.

Once your best buddy is checked in, we will allow him/her to rest for a while in order to settle in and get adapted to the new surroundings. Next is the preparation, bathing and finishing.  Our grooming process is always tailored to your dog’s needs.  We have been trained in identifying the best way to determine the grooming order based on your dogs health, coat condition and temperament.  Your dog’s health and wellbeing is our top priority.

Our bathing process and equipment is designed for your dog’s safety and comfort.  The tubs have ramps that allow your dog to walk right in.  Fatigue mats in our tub create a comfortable surface for your dog to stand while receiving a luxurious massaging and bath first with a crystal clear, all natural Hypo-allergenic shampoo, and second with an all natural coat specific shampoo based on your pets color and skin condition.

After the bath your dog is towel dried with a fresh and clean super absorbent towel.  These special towels remove much of the moisture in the coat and allow a shorter time for drying.  We hand dry using a high velocity dryer.  We have been trained in the proper use of the dryer and believe this is the most important step in our bathing process.  The high velocity dryer blows your dog’s coat in a way that makes it possible for us to detect skin problems, sores, moles, fleas and ticks prior to hair cutting.  It also helps remove loose hair to help with shedding problems.  Best of all, the loose mats in the coat will be blown out so your best buddy won’t have to have those mats brushed out.

Now your dog is ready for a haircut according to your specific instructions or a full brush out and touchup.  We use some of the best tools in the grooming industry to achieve your requested style.  Your buddy will leave feeling fresh and clean.

Our Services

Many dog breeds benefit from a professional groom and haircut.  Sometimes a dog’s coat can grow so fast it is hard to keep up.  Matting, shedding and dander can affect your health as well as your dog’s health.  Extensive matting is not only uncomfortable for your dog, but can cause skin and health problems.  A haircut can make it easier for you while keeping your dog happy and healthy.  

Full Groom

Our Full Groom service is great for dogs needing a haircut.  This service includes


          Massaging Bath with All Natural Shampoos

          Hand Drying

          Nails Trimmed & Buffed

          Ears Cleaned & Ear Hairs Removed (ear hair removal is breed specific)

          Sanitary areas trimmed

          Paw Pads Trimmed

          Haircut & Style

Sometimes your dog may not need a full groom but needs a little touchup in between regular grooms.  We have designed this service for that purpose.  We understand your dog’s short haircut may last for several months but nails, ears and facial hair needs attention sooner in order to keep your dog healthier.  

Partial Groom

Our Partial Groom service is great for maintenance for dogs that would normally get a haircut and have no matting in their coat.  This service includes


          Massaging Bath with All Natural Shampoos

          Hand Drying

          Nails Trimmed & Buffed

          Ears Cleaned & Ear Hairs Removed (ear hair removal is breed specific)

          Sanitary areas trimmed

          Paw Pads Trimmed

     Face trim

Even dogs that don’t need a full or partial groom may benefit from a professional groom.  By using a professional bathing system shampoo that will penetrate down to the skin, we will remove soil and debris.  Our high velocity dryer will help reduce shedding making you and your dog feel and look healtheir. 

Bath & Brush

Our Bath & Brush service is great for dogs that do not need a haircut or trim.  This serviceincludes


          Massaging Bath with All Natural Shampoos

          Hand Drying

          Nails Trimmed & Buffed

          Ears Cleaned

     Paw Pads Trimmed 

We designed this service knowing that in between regular bath & brush grooms, things can still get a little dirty and smelly. Having your dog professionally groomed means less mess for you and a happier, healthier dog.

Bath Only

Our bath service is great for dogs that only need a bath and do not require any other services. This service includes

•          Consultation

•          Massaging Bath with all natural shampoos

•          Hand Drying

•          Brush Out

Puppy’s First Groom

We want your puppy’s first groom to be a pleasant experience.  Here are some things you can do with your puppy at home before you make your first grooming appointment.  Remember, good grooming starts at home and it is never too early to start preparing your puppy to be handled.

                Use a very soft brush or comb.  If your puppy starts to wiggle don’t stop it, just slow your hand down. 


•        When your puppy settles down praise him.  Try to brush for a few minutes each session.

•        During each session gently handle feet, toes, ears and tail.  Your puppy will learn to accept being handled, which will make it easier to keep him happy and healthy.

When your puppy has completed his immunizations (including rabies vaccination) you may make your appointment.  If your schedule allows we recommend you to stop by with your puppy for a short (get acquainted) visit. We recommend your first appointment be our special Puppy’s First Groom or Puppy’s First Haircut. 

  • Puppy’s First Groom includes

  • Luxurious massaging bath with gentle show quality shampoo specifically formulated for your puppy’s skin & coat.

  • •          Brush Out

    •          Ear cleaning.

    •          Nail trimming.

    •          Paw pad hair trim.

    •          Bandana or bow at owner’s discretion.

  • Puppy’s First Haircut includes services listed above plus

  • •          Trim head, face and sanitary areas.

    Your puppy’s safety, health and wellbeing are our top priority.  We do not recommend a full haircut for a first groom since it may be too much for your puppy to accept comfortably.  For puppies needing haircuts we recommend scheduling two appointments 2-3 weeks apart.